Doggie Prayers

We were thinking what can we teach our dogs this month, coming up with 12 tricks is a bit challenging. It is true that Australian Labradoodles are quite intelligent animals and like a good challenge. Our kids used to take our dogs to agility, showmanship, and obedience competitions with 4-H and as much as the dogs and kids loved it, it was to much to stay involved in. They won quite a few trophies, although it is a big time commitement.

This year we decided to teach our Doodles a new trick each month. Mostly this lot falls on Ashlynn and Olivia as they are my main helpers. So I gave them the assignment and off to work they went. In about 10 minutes they came back to me with both dogs doing “Say your prayers” very well.

The girls created a video of them teaching the dogs. We have two videos for you to watch and see how easy and quick you can train your Australian Labradoodles how to say their Doggie Prayers. You can change it up however you see fit, this is the way our girls chose to teach our Ashford Manor Labradoodles.

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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