Safety First for your Australian Labradoodle

There is a place called the Center for Pet Safety a non-profit organization that run safety tests on pet products during a crash toPets ON Board determine which products work best in a crash. The organization works directly with companies to test their products.

Companies can attend the crash testing or just receive results from the testing. The Center for Pet Safety will give tips on how to make the product better and make suggestions for the companies who have their products tested.

A company named Kurgo has been making harnesses for dogs for over 10 years. Eight of the years they have hired an outside company to do crash testing, making their products very effective.

Did you know? 

Only 16% of people restrain their pets in vehicles.

Another company that does crash testing on their pet travel and safety products is 4×4 North America. This company is based in Europe. They also test their crates in cars and they have their own crumple zone that work with a vehicle’s crumple zone.

“A lot of people don’t realize that putting a cage in a car permanently alters the safety engineering of the vehicle,” said Casey. “Most people leave the cages in the car all the time. The cage can mess up a crumple zone and cause harm to rear seat occupants and the dog.” 4×4 uses real safety equipment incorporated into the vehicle to test its products.

“Our goal is to educate consumers and let them make their own choice,” said Casey. “The most important thing is that when people buy a crash tested product, they should know it is genuine and safe. We provide all that documentation and certification and make it available to consumers. You are dealing with people and pets lives.”

When you are transporting your animals, make sure you are using safe products for whatever means of travel you are taking. It can affect your life as well as your Australian Labradoodles life.

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