Pet Sitter Reference

If you are looking for a great pet sitter on the north east side of Indianapolis, I know the place! Maybe your pet just needs to meet other people and animals, this is a great way to expose them to other people as well.

Service Areas

(Hamilton County & Northern Marion County)


  • Fishers
  • Southern Noblesville
  • McCordsville
  • Eastern Carmel
  • Lawrence/Fall Creek

A good friend of mine has been doing pet sitting and not only that look at what else she will do:

The normal stuff

  • Feeding  your pets

    Oh Susannah

    Play with me!

  • Walking dog(s)
  • Picking up poop
  • Wiping paws
  • Playing with your animals

The extra stuff

  • snow shoveling
  • lawn mowing
  • vaccuuming
  • dishes
  • watering plants/gardens

Her Contact Information

Jami at 317-289-6671

If she lived closer to me … I would have her regularly!

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