As you prepare for your puppy to join your family, there are a few basic supplies that will help make the transition a little easier for you and your new puppy.

Finnich 2015

  1. Food – We pride ourselves in serving your puppy top quality food from day one.  We have enclosed a small sample of the FOOD NAME.  WHERE CAN THEY BUY THEIR OWN?
  2. Food and Water bowls
  3. Collar with ID tags. (Be sure to include your phone number in case your puppy gets lost.)  We also microchip all our puppies, as well.
  4. Leash
  5. Crate
  6. Treats
  7. Dog Waste bags

8)  Cleaning Items (paper towels, floor cleaner etc.)

9)  Old towels (to wipe your puppy’s feet if they get wet or muddy)

Ward puppy

Cheryl Sabens

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