Puppy Training Consistency is key to having a happy home both for your and your canine companion. If you are going to have a successful training program, you need to have scheduled times of training. It is best to have the entire family involved in the training process so that everyone uses the same cues and commands to not confuse the puppy.

Choose a Puppy Training Philosophy

Everyone must use the same training philosophy. Either you all use positive reinforcement and rewards or you all use an alternative style. By creating consistency your puppy will learn quickly and not be confused. This is key to raising a confident, calm, and relaxed dog.

We have found in training our Australian Labradoodles that positive training methods are the best for our puppy training. They are very quick to learn and you can go way beyond the basics with positive training. We user Clicker Training method by Karen Pryor.

Training that teaches punishment can lead to fear and aggression in dogs. If a child is the one punishing a dog or puppy this can lead to a dislike of children who could be bitten by a dog in the future. Children will train how you train, so if you hit the dog … they will hit the dog. If you say, “Do not hit the puppy”, and they see you hit the puppy; they will still learn to hit the puppy. Children imitate your actions not necessarily your words.

Puppy Training Involves Your Whole Family

Involve your whole family in puppy training classes. There are many great trainers who will come to your home or will involve your whole family in class. If you all attend  allow only one person to be training, you can watch and listen to all learn the same type of puppy training. Once the puppy has mastered this training, then have the other family members use the same cues or commands right after he has finished. Try to mimic the same tones as the puppy has been trained with. Continue through the entire family this way.

Other Puppy Training Resources

There are great resource articles on this type of training, not every trainer uses positive method. Do not assume the method your trainer is using, go watch a class and observe the behavior. Do not try to train your puppy at home, by enrolling in a puppy class it will give you the consistency you need. Another great way of training is Ceasar Milan.

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