Congratulations to Jack and his family, you are the winners this month! You will be receiving your special gift in the mail! Now that you have won….please don’t submit your puppy again, we want to give lots of other pups their time in the spotlight! Again Congratulations!

We got Jack for our family and daughter with Down Syndrome shortly after my father passed away. Surprisingly he came with the name “Jack” (my dads name) and born on our daughter’s birthday!
He’s 5 now and has been so easy to train!
He is incredibly smart, loving and protective! He loves to play ball, with squeaky toys and our bengal cat Mac!
But most of all he loves to snuggle!
This breed and breeder are first class!
We highly encourage and recommend families who want service, therapeutic or just a great dog to get one from Ashford Manor Labradoodle’s. You won’t regret the investment!
The Coipel Family!

Congratulations Jack!

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