Should My Dog Sleep With Me?

There isn’t a right answer for this. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your own decision.

Con – A young puppy takes time to be potty trained. They can use your bed for a potty area. They can also chew when they get bred while you are sleeping.

– Studies show that while your REM cycles may be deeper, you often get about 20% less sleep with a dog in the bed.

Con – It can be hard to get comfortable and have space for senior dogs to stretch their aging joints and muscles.

Pro – Many dog owners report that having their dog in bed with them makes them feel safer (regardless of the dogs size or breed)

Pro – Faster and deeper sleep. It has to do with the combination of lowered blood pressure, extra warmth, and feelings of security. This trio can have you drifting off and falling deep asleep in no time.

Pro – It helps reduce your stress levels and can even help lower your blood pressure.


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