Spring Canine Safety

Fleas, Ticks, and Pests, Oh My!


These small bugs make their home in your dog’s coat. They leave small bites and cause itching! They will also lay eggs and spread to your family.


They hid in your dog’s fur and joints, making a meal of their blood. They can carry diseases like Lyme disease that can be deadly. Save ticks you remove to bring to your vet if your dog gets ill!


We recommend a topical product  like Frontline Plus or Sentinel. These products are safe and effective. They leave a small amount of insecticide and pesticide on the skin to immediately eliminate and deter pests.

Flea and Tick Meds

We DO NOT recommend Seresto Collars or Simparica Trio!

The collars have been linked to thousands of pet deaths. Simparica Trio works using nerve inhibitors to kill and deter pests. It is unclear how the medicine targets only pests and not your dog. Any combination heart worm and flea and tick medication is not recommended by Ashford Manor Labradoodles! We want to keep your Australian Labradoodle as safe and healthy as possible!

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