On occasion I have families that ask what it would be like to train two puppies at the same time. It is not as difficult as you may think, although it does take some patience. It is easier to train one puppy and then add another one later if you do not spoil the first one so much that she/he is angry about the new puppy. This sometimes can be a little challenging.

Here is a woman that has taken home two mini Australian Labradoodle puppies from the same litter. They have both a male and a female who are best of buddies. Here is a short video clip of them learning sits, downs, and puppy push ups. This family is doing a great job! It does take patience and consistency to train any dog.

The Australian Labradoodle is very intelligent. They will play on any inconsistency in the house or in training so it is extremely important to train in a routine manner. The Australian Labradoodle is also non-shedding, allergy friendly so they work very well with most homes. Many of our dogs go on to be Therapy and Service Dogs for people with special needs or for those who would like to visit nursing homes, hospitals, and schools with their Australian Labradoodle canine companions.

Training 2 Puppies

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