Training is not only for your dog it is also for you. I encourage all of my families to attend Clicker Training Classes. Clicker Training is a positive method of training you and your dog. It is imperative that you learn to click at the correct time. To learn to click when an action is performed you must train yourself with a clicker first.

To do this, you should purchase a clicker and practice the art of clicking. By doing this, you will have mastered clicking by the time your puppy arrives. If you wait until your puppy arrives, you will confuse your puppy with you learning to click and them doing the correct behavior.

There are different types of Clickers – box clickers, Star Mark found in many pet stores, and Karen Pryor Clickers. The Karen Pryor, linked below, gives a precise click immediately when it is depressed. This is the type of clicker all of our trainers recommend and that we like the best. When you register for Clicker Training a clicker will come with your class, don’t worry that you have already purchased one it is always good to have a couple. We always purchase the wrist strap to go with this clicker so it is easy to keep with you.

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Training you and your dog is essential in a healthy canine

and a happy home!

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