One question we get regularly is Should I train my puppy right away?

Absolutely! These puppies are very intelligent and we begin potty training at 3 weeks of age! There are a lot of things you want to continue as soon as your puppy gets home like house training, coming when called, sit, and play biting. It is also important to continue the socialization we start to help them through the fear periods they will Sapphire summer 2014encounter.

Sit teaches your puppy that the things you say have meaning. It also teaches he needs to respond and their are rewards for responding. We never recommend pushing the back of a puppy down, instead simply place your thumb and forefinger on the bones near the end of his back, this will automatically get him to sit down.

Make sure you praise and reward as soon as he does something you like! This includes sitting, laying down, ringing his potty bells, or going to lay on his new bed.

Cheryl Sabens

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