Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing?

Do you ever wonder why your dog barks at something and you look and there is nothing there?

High Pitched Noises

Dogs have way better hearing than humans. Sounds like squeaking mice. At higher frequencies, dog can hear extremely soft sounds, sounds far quieter than human ears can detect. That means there is a whole realm of sound flooding your dogs eardrums that you are not even aware of.

Low Lights

Dogs can see in low light far better than humans. What looks like a pitch black backyard to you is full of shapes and movement to your dog.


Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. Where humans rely on vision as our primary sense for experiencing the world, dogs depend on scent. So even if you can’t see something there, dogs can sense that there is something near.

So instead of reprimanding your dog for their barking and you don’t see anything, give them a command to follow such as “no bark” or “quiet”.

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