Did you know that your dogs sleeping position reveals things about his personality?

This information adapted from www.barkpost.com, for full article visit there website

Have you seen your dog …

Orange girl LadyCurled up like a ball
– science says it is because they are cold, another version is he is not quite comfortable in his environment.


Stars FemaleLaying on his back with one or more legs in the air
– they are super comfortable in their environment and also helps to cool them down. You will not find a wild dog in this position!


Laying on his side, sprawled out – usually an easy-going dog who is comfortable anywhere Sadee from Brandy:Jack


Ward puppyLegs straight out forward and behind – this dog has plenty of energy and is in a position that they are ready to get up and
play at anytime!


Teal puppyFlopped down (looks like they just feel over)
– this is usually a puppy position, needing a quick nap and ready to go
again! They can be a little shy.


For more information on sleeping positions visit the website mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed seeing Ashford Manor Labradoodles in some very great sleeping positions! If you have any funny positions, silly shots, or just good training shots please send them to us. We know there are many times we wish we had a camera and just don’t have time to get it out because it happens so fast!

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