Well it has been hard to get these but it is finished … Angel’s Pictures Have Arrived!  These babies are beautiful and so plump! I think that Angel’s milk is pure cream! She had 7 gorgeous puppies in apricot and red colors. They are growing so fast and are fabulous!

Angel’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies!

Australian Labradoodle available   Australian Labradoodle available in Midwest   Australian Labradoodle available in Midwest

What makes these dogs so special?

The list goes on and on! Mainly they are non-shedding, allergy friendly, have great temperaments, and are well socialized. I have countless numbers of people who tell me they cannot believe Ashford Manor’s Australian Labradoodles. Everywhere puppy families go they are asked about our dogs.

So … why is Ashford Manor Labradoodles special?

We pour our heart and soul into each and every puppy! We love our dogs and they are part of our family. At Ashford Manor our dogs live in our home and with guardian families. Each dog is tested for CERF, Cardio, PRA, OFA, and PENN Hip! This is just the beginning. We feed a premium pet food, which has never been recalled! Ashford Manor has completely redesigned our home to make it possible for our puppies to be a part of our family! We are a family of 7 who love on puppies constantly as well as take them places, invite people of all ages over to play with them, and more!

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