Puppy training is in full swing at Ashford Manor, and the

Australian Labradoodle puppies are doing great!  


Ashford Manor Garnet

Connor reports that Garnet is sitting on command, leash walking, and has stayed in his crate until 6 a.m.  This week Conner hopes that Garnet masters down (laying) and to stay.  It might be nice if Garnet would sleep just a little later than 6, too!








Ashford Manor's Emerald




Emerald’s personality is really shining through.  He is laid back and easy going, loud noises don’t bother him, and he feels right at home in his crate.   Taylor is hoping that sitting becomes second nature to Emerald this week!










Ashford Manor's Padame

Olivia and Padme are shining brightly!  Olivia is a natural at training her.  She is walking on a leash, loves her crate, sits, and even retrieves!  This week, Olivia is working diligently on down (laying), stay, and poochie bells.


The two A’s, Ashlynn and Anakin, are mastering staying and down (laying) this week.  Anakin is already a pro at sitting, leash walking, and being in his crate.  The two are serious contenders in this competition. Ashford Manor's Anakin


Ashford Manor's PearlEthan and Pearl are working hard at down (laying) and leash walking.  Pearl sits easily and loves to be in her crate!  Her fun, loving personality always keeps Ethan smiling!

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