It is so precious to watch the puppies as they are trying their wobbly little legs. They are doing their best to get up on their legs and then they tire out. These gorgeous Australian Labradoodle puppies get their back legs off the ground and sometimes manage to get their front legs up! I will try to get some video of them and attach it tomorrow.

Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodles is a breeder in central Indiana. We breed non-shedding, allergy friendly mini, medium doodles. This time around we are trying the large medium and standard size! They are growing so fast we can hardly believe it! They all doubled their birth weight within 3 days! These puppies have a little more weight to carry around with them!

We have a variety of shades of chocolate, cream, and apricot puppies. Ashford Manor is a member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America and the Premium Breeders List. We test all of our breeding dogs and find the best male possible for our girls. In order to be an Ashford Manor breeding dog, they must score very high in all of their testing.

We work with puppies from the day then enter this world until the day they enter your world! Any of our customers can tell you the huge amounts of time we spend training each and every puppy. Some puppies we hold back for various reasons and they go through intense training. Currently we have two beautiful mini black Australian Labradoodle puppies who are 12 weeks old. They sit when you reach down to pet them, they follow you as you walk or run, they walk beside you when you walk, and much more! Why, because all of us work with our dogs. We do not have them sit in a crate all day and leave them to destroy things. If we are watching a movie, they are watching a movie. If we are playing or working outside, they are outside with us. We include them in many parts of our lives!

Meet Ashford Manor’s Sage & Rosie


Look at the regal position they are sitting. They thrive on doing what we ask them to do. We bend over to pet them, they sit down. We get a leash ready and they sit down. We take them outside to potty, they go potty. They are constantly looking to us for the next command … this is exactly what you want each dog to do! They are only 12 weeks old and already they are doing this for us.

Of course, when they have a new master it will take some adjusting for everyone. They will need to see where is their designated potty area, how they are to indicate they need to potty, if their owner makes them walk beside or lets them lead, etc. It is always a learning curve for everyone.  Australian Labradoodles are very intelligent, but just like any dog they are still puppies. Puppies make mistakes, they try to see if their master really means what they say, etc. I know that I did that as a child and I think all of my children have done that as well, both in toddler years and I am sure they will try it in their teenage years!

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Ashford Manor Labradoodles is Indiana’s responsible breeder of the Australian Labradoodle. Our puppies are always in our home, not the garage, not in an outside building, nor anywhere else. We have a puppy room where our puppies are raised and if they stay with us longer we switch between the puppy room and crates. Ashford Manor gives your puppy the first round of vaccinations and much more!