Wow, the puppies are two weeks old today and some of them are starting to open their eyes! All of the girls eyes are open, in the next day or two the boys will be opening as well. It is so cute to watch their eyelashes go up and down! They are amazingly beautiful puppies, gorgeous colors and builds! They are growing remarkably fast! We are used to Australian Labradoodle miniatures which grow about 1/2 an ounce per day. These standard size doodles are growing about 2 ounces per day! Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures with their eyes open, they are so beautiful!

Australian Labradoodle Girl Puppies


Australian Labradoodle Boy Puppies



As you notice from our earlier post, these puppies have grow a lot! They had doubled their birth weight before they were a week old! These puppies are thriving and their mom, Brandy is doing a fantastic job. As you can see they are all gorgeous! Their are two puppies who look like they could turn a lavender color, we are anxious to see as they grow!

Their are 4 chocolate puppies, 1 apricot puppy, and 2 cream Australian Labradoodles.

We do have availability on this litter.