Well, our miniature Australian Labradoodles are now 2 weeks old! Lots of changes going on in their little lives, the visible one is that they have their eyes open! By the time they are three weeks old they will be wobbling around on all four legs! They grow very quickly and our now all over 1 pound in weight!

Australian Labradoodles have fantastic temperaments and are non-shedding, allergy friendly! Find out more about our miniature apricot or red Doodle below.

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Ashford Manor Labradoodles takes pride in each and every puppy which goes home from here. We work hard on teaching each puppy some basic training as well as socialization. We put lots of hours into every one of your canine companions. Ashford Manor goes beyond just breeding dogs, we believe it is of utmost importance to train our families as well. We educate each family to prepare them for their new arrival.

Cheryl Sabens

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