Dog Allergies

I just read a great article from Life’s Abundance pet food that talks about your pet chewing on their paw. Have you ever noticed your dog chewing on their paw continually or pulling out the hair? It is possible your dog Labradoodle has allergies.

This article also mentions fleas and atopy such as grass, perfume, molds, cats, etc. When we think of our Australian Labradoodle often we do not think of them having allergies to things around us. One of the main reasons I have noticed is an allergy to food.

Medium Australian LabradoodlesIt actually can be very difficult to find out what your canine may be allergic to.

Steps to Take

  1. Take your dog to the veterinarian. The more information you can give your vet the better they can assess what is going on since your pet cannot talk to them. Veterinarians first will rule out bacterial or yeast infections, they can do some tests, and they can prescribe medications.
  2. Check their toes. Wash their paws when they come inside with mild soap and water or witch hazel. This will help was off any allergens they may have come in contact with. Do not use anything with alchohol.
  3. Look at their diet. Try switching foods to a food that does not contain chicken and has salmon or lamb instead.
  4. Other causes. Anxiety and arthritis are another reason dogs chew on their paws.

Take care of your Australian Labradoodle companion by watching if they start biting at their paws. If they do be aware of what is happening both in eating habits, seasonal changes, and health changes. Just as paying attention to your dogs gums is important, so is watching their paws.

Keep Your Australian Labradoodle Healthy!

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