Our beautiful red Australian Labradoodle, Duchess babies are now 6 weeks old! 


These little beauties are so sweet! Some of them stood so nice and still for their pictures, others … well not so much! They are all begin developing their personalities and are becoming so sweet. They are so tiny! None of them have reached 3 pounds yet! I have a litter of mediums ready to go home which are between 6- 8 pounds so these babies are so little next to them!

These puppies are multi-gen Australian Labradoodles. They are non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly, mini Australian Labradoodle puppies. They are raised in our home and are cared for and played with regularly. We love each one to pieces and want to make sure they are going to a great home! We are an Indiana breeder and our puppies have flown all over the United States.

Meet our babies!




Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

Indiana Breeder of Australian Labradoodles