Be honest, how often do you brush your Australian Labradoodle? Every day, every other day, once a week, or do you even brush them? You should be brushing your dog every day or every other day, and not any longer than that. Australian Labradoodles are known for their non shedding, fluffy teddy bear coats that we all love so much. But that also means that they need to be maintained regularly. 

Let’s talk about matting and what that does to your Australian Labradoodle.

Mats cut off the air flow in your dog’s hair and can trap moisture, which can cause irritation and sores on your dog. Even mild matting can be painful, but in severe cases, matting can cut off circulation to your dog’s skin and cause hematomas. In some circumstances, matting may be so severe that you would need to take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment.

So when you take your doodle to the groomers in this condition what do you expect them to do? Here is a quote from our groomer here at Ashford Manor. “When your dog is matted, we believe in doing what is best for your dog. In many cases, this means shaving the mats out of your dog. Shaving is not a “short cut” to get the job done quickly, this can be a very slow, tedious and dangerous process. We are working on areas of your dog where skin is thin, likely already irritated and sometimes their hair is being pulled because of tight mats. Removing a heavily matted coat includes risks of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles and skin folds trapped and hidden within the matted hair. Therefore, shaving a matted dog must be done slowly with utmost care.”

We recommend getting your Australian Labradoodle groomed every 6-8 weeks to maintain a beautiful, fluffy, longer coat. We all want the best for our fur babies.

Oliva Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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