Are we having outside playtime today … or not??? Well that is the big questions today.

Yesterday we took the puppies outside in the morning when it was snowing and about 1/2″ was on the ground, they were so funny sticking their little noses in it. Then they would run around and chase each other, they looked like white little fluff balls! The snow sure didn’t stop them at all!

We took them out again later in the day and there was no snow! Hmmm, where did it all go? Those little munchkins … 7 little bunches of muddy messes, happy as can be!

Summer swimming in snow!


So this morning when I went down to their nursery they all sat and looked at me with those cute little eyes! I love when they are all sitting in a row … they are so precious! They looked like they were asking me … can we have outside playtime today?

What they didn’t know is that … it is Spring … and the flowers are suppossed to be popping out of the ground. There is no sign of Spring around here right now. Currently we have 11″ of snow here in Indiana, and it is to deep for the puppies to go and play. In fact, our big dogs even have a hard time out there!

No outside playtime today … or is there?? Our neighbor has just come to save the day! He has a huge plow on his tractor and is plowing a path for us.

Yeah … we get to have outside playtime!!

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