Betty (Tinsel's puppy)

Fred (Tinsel's Puppy)

Wilma (Tinsel's Puppy)

Barney (Tinsel's Puppy)



Today, we were  able to take some pictures of our newest litter!  Tinsel is proving to be an All-Star Mom!  She is very loving, nurturing, and caring towards all her puppies, and her puppies are calm and adjusting well to all the new things that they are coming into contact with.

This litter was named after a cartoon favorite of ours – THE FLINSTONES!  At birth, Barney was the biggest puppy and he continues to hold the title by weighing in at 1 pound, 1 ounce.  He has three white markings, one on his head, chin and between his front legs.  Followed by Barney in weight is Betty, weighing in at 1 pound 1/2 ounce!  She loves to snuggle.  I could have sat and held her all day!  Fred then follows in at 1 pound.  The smallest member of the pack is Wilma, coming in at 14.5 ounces.  Even though she is small, her charming personality is already noticeable.  All of Tinsel’s puppies are bringing smiles and laughter to our family!

Cheryl Sabens
Ashford Manor Labradoodles


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