Car Travel Safety

In the last post we discussed boat safety and your labradoodle. Maybe you have a good old road trip planned for your family. Many of us just head out to the vehicle and hop in with our dog. Is that safe for your dog? Is it safe for you?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Did you know that 14 states have laws regarding your dog riding in the car?
  2. Have you ever seen a small dog ride in the driver’s lap? Is that safe? Is there a law restricting it in your state? Or a state you will be traveling through?
  3. If your pet causes you to crash are you liable? Be careful not to get distracted by your dog.

The safest way for your dog to travel is in a crate. Make sure it offers enough ventilation and is crash-tested. Plan ahead with your luggage to make sure there is enough room for the crate. A harness is also a good option. This is discussed in a previous post (provide link to post)

Your Australian Labradoodle will need to take breaks. Leave in plenty of time to allow for potty breaks and some exercise.

Turn off power windows so your dog doesn’t accidentally get a chance to jump. Or accidentally close themselves in the window.

Bring plenty of fresh water with something to drink out of. There are some good travel bowl options at your local pet store.

Remember: Don’t leave your pet alone in a vehicle by themselves for longer than a minute or two. It only takes 10 minutes for the temperature to get 30 degrees hotter than the outside even with the windows cracked! This might mean for you to plan some meals to eat picnic style with your labradoodle close by.

Happy travels and stay safe!

Cheryl Sabens

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