This next pattern of walking can have many different outcomes, depending on your dog’s attention span.

To teach this command to your puppy, it is important for him to be attached to his leash.

With the puppy attached to the leash start walking.  As soon as your puppy puts tension on the leash, STOP

Wait for your puppy to notice that you have stopped, and his attention is on you

Reward your puppy for noticing that you have stopped

Begin walking again with you puppy, making sure the leash doesn’t have tension.  If the puppy creates tension again, stop, wait for the puppy to create slack, reward and continue on your walk

After repeating this several times, your puppy will learn that there should not be tension between the leash and himself.  This command teaches your puppy that you are in control of the walk NOT him


Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles