Tips for Training Your Australian Labradoodle

Training Your Australian Labradoodle is imperative for a happy healthy home. It is also important for your canine companion that you have trained them appropriately and not used contradicting methods for your dogs health as well. When there are multiple people in a single home it is very important everyone use the same command spoken the same way or your Australian Labradoodle will not understand.

Training Your Australian Labradoodle to Not Jump

1. As with any kind of training consistency is key! Be consistent and it will take no time at all!

2. When your Australian Labradoodle is jumping place your hands across your shoulders and turn around.

3. If you dog continues to jump continue turning around with your arms up. *

4. Every time your Australian Labradoodle puppy jumps cross your arms and turn around.

*Crossing your arms is especially important with children, when children lift their arms up a puppy thinks they want them to jump. It is so important to teach your children as well as your puppy. Simply turn around and cross your arms, this will keep them from trying to play.

By ignoring your Australian Labradoodle you are teaching them this jumping behavior is not desirable. It is something which can be quickly changed as long as you do not send conflicting messages it will be a short time and this behavior will end.

Training Your Australian Labradoodle is imperative for a happy healthy dog. 

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Our dogs are raised in our own home with our 5 children. Your puppy is guaranteed to be played with and loved on each and every day they are in our homes. We take great pride in each one of our Australian Labradoodle puppies and know that you will too. We send lots of information to prepare each family for their new arrival and are available to answer questions when needed.

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